Monday, January 24, 2011

Balance Sheet Blues

Q.  I'm trying to help my dad with his partnership tax return, and I see on the last page they want the Balance Sheet information. How do I get this from his checkbook and why do I need it? AG, Georgia

A.  Unless you have an understanding of accounting, trying to create a Balance Sheet from a check book is a pretty tough job! Your need  a double entry bookkeeping system. With that, it would be a snap. Depending on the circumstances, you may not need to enter the information on the tax return. Generally, if Gross Receipts are under $250,000 and Total Assets are under $250,000, you can opt out of putting that information on the return by using a check box.

Tax Tip:  If your business is an entity other than a sole proprietorship, more complex books and records are required.  Other than income tax concerns, there is one outstanding reason to keep a double entry bookkeeping system: designed over 300 years ago to avoid mistakes, it still serves this most important function.

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