Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you help?

Q.  I just arrived at my home park  & one of the ladies in my group mentioned she finally got her 2010 tax returns finished. My husband passed away last year and he always took care of our taxes. Someone suggested I contact you to see if you are available to prepare my taxes this year and in the future. JR, Florida

A.  First, thank you for the vote of confidence. Yes, I am available, but can only take on a limited number of returns, and the information would need to be in my hands ASAP.  The week is soon approaching where I can take on no further clients, and all the information will need to be complete. No missing K-1 forms, 1099s, etc. Please email me at the address on the header or use the comments section to contact me personally. Your comment will come directly into my email account and we can go forward from there.

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