Monday, March 7, 2011

Where is my refund?

Q.  I filed my taxes in mid-February and haven't received my refund yet. Is there a way I can check on it? KF, Tennessee

A.  The timing mostly depends on the manner you chose to receive your refund. If you opted for a paper check sent by U.S. Mail, expect a 6 - 8 week wait. If you chose the direct deposit method, the method I always choose for my clients, then it depends on the acceptance date of your filing. Usually, if the acceptance is received by noon on a Wednesday, look for your refund to be deposited a week, possibly two, on the following Friday. IRS direct deposit refunds always hit your bank account on a Friday, so keep checking. Refunds received by a paper check via the U.S. P.S. are always supposed to be delivered to your mailbox on Saturdays. If you feel your refund is overdue, use this link to the IRS.  Where is by refund?

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