Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Too much Information!

Q.  I noticed, when reading the instructions for one of the forms I was attempting to fill out, the instructions from the IRS said to also refer to 3 other publications. Why do the instructions refer you to yet more instructions?

A.  Good question! Our tax laws have become so complex, many answers aren't "black and white." There are many conflicting issues, and the IRS tries to point you in the right direction by suggesting you read more related material. This is one reason I have a loyal and (hopefully) grateful clientele! If you're dealing with a real complex issue, I suggest you find a competent professional to help guide you. Many tax returns definitely do not fit the do it yourself category. Even as a professional with 32 years experience, when the issues get really tough, I seek the opinion of my colleagues. I find their fees to be cheap insurance.

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