Monday, April 9, 2012

Business Usage of an RV

Q.  Are there any requirements for writing off business use of an RV if you are full timing and working out of the RV?

A. I receive many versions of this question, and as I state on the left side of this web page, there are no established guidelines. We need Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to sell their houses and go to work full time in an RV, then maybe, we can get some guidelines!  Kidding aside, it takes much time and paperwork to establish business usage, unlike a car where you only need to keep track of business mileage. It is my feeling you must also establish the hours used for business on a daily basis. Remember, I am directing these comments to those of you who are self-employed only! Working for someone else is an entirely different matter.

Because each case is different, I suggest you contact me after April 17th with specific details. Then I may be able to give you some guidance as to what my other clients are doing!

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