Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to hit the road!

Tax season was stressful this year. It seems everyone came in late. As I write this I still have 4 taxes yet to come in. They, however, were told The Popeye Express is about to fire up her engine and head north. Any forthcoming taxes will be prepared on the road.

So, busier than I wanted to be, our trip is almost a month later than last year, when on this date we were on Whidbey Island WA getting ready to cross into Canada enroute to Alaska.

Thank you all so much for keeping those interesting questions coming and for your support. I sincerely hope you had a relatively stress-free tax filing, and that I was able to point many of you in the right direction.

So now my words will be recorded on The Popeye Express. Please log on and join us for our trip around the US. If plans go as expected, our travels will take us up to the Pacific North West, then east through Montana the Dakotas, Minnesota and to Oshkosh Wisconsin where we plan to be for the 2012 AirAdventure the EAA sponsers each year. From there we will head north to Montreal, then east to Quebec City, the Gaspe', New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia. Sometime in late September, we will head back through Maine, then down the Atlantic Seaboard to visit our favorite southern city, Savannah, then down to Florida, and finally, the final leg of our trip back west to start the tax filing season all over again!

I expect to be online often, just having purchased a new Verison Mifi modom, so keep those questions coming as I will check from time to time. Have a safe and happy summer!