Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding the Right Help - Part 2

Now that you know who you are looking for, let's look at where you might find this person.

Only you will know the reason you are looking for help. Perhaps your former preparer retired and you are seeking a replacement, or perhaps you have always self-prepared, but currently need help. Here it helps to know yourself. If you are only comfortable with a one-on-one consultation and need to discuss each piece of paper as it crosses the desk, and generally want lots of hand holding, you'd be best to find your professional in the general vicinity of your location.

If you are the self-sufficient type who has always handled the finances in your family, can articulate your needs and wants verbally, or can write a cognizant email, can handle simple computer tasks such as attaching a pdf file to an email or scanning documents, then literally the whole world is open to you.

Most of my clients are in the latter category. They are very busy people, and or simply want to do more "fun" things than sit at my desk. Most of them have some sort of small business and simply don't have the time. Time is money, as the saying goes, and if you can make more if it doing what you do best, why take the time for a visit? The vast majority of my taxes arrive in the mail, by a delivery service, and more recently, by pdf file. Isn't technology great!

Tomorrow we'll discuss possible ways to articulate what you need.

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