Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Q.  I am a working artist traveling in my 5th wheel. I'm moving from Texas to Florida for a few months. It seems I should be able to deduct the cost of travelling from Texas to Florida, but reading your prior posts, I'm confused. Can you please straighten me out?

A.  It is confusing. If you are a full-timer, what you are actually doing is relocating. As a full-timer, this would be considered commuting mileage, as you are moving your tax home from Texas to Florida. Commuting mileage is non-deductible.

If however, you plan to return to Texas and you are not a full timer, have a specific business reason to travel to Florida, and your visit is totally work related, you may be able to deduct this mileage as travel expenses.

As a full timer, you most likely won't qualify for moving expenses, unless you work full time in the general area for at least 78 weeks during the 24 months right after the move. Don't you wonder who dreams this stuff up?

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