Friday, March 8, 2013

Alimony Note

Today I read a note a client tucked into her tax package about receiving alimony from a former spouse. I'd never seen this before, but apparently the gentlemen has financially done well of late, and decided to share the wealth with his ex-wife rather than Uncle Sam.

To accomplish this, you must contact an attorney as this stipulation must be ordered by the court, and must be payable until the death of the spouse.  So if you're feeling more generous to ex-spouses rather than Uncle Sam, listen up: This just might be a tax saving idea to catch on! I only see winners here.


  1. If you spend time on the road researching campgrounds with the purpose of obtaining a camp host position, are any of the on the road expenses deductible under the job search deduction?

    1. Please refer to my reply on March 25, 2013. A very good question. Thank you for writing.