Monday, March 11, 2013

RV Parking at Fraternal Lodges

Q.  Can payments made to fraternal organizations who provide RV parking qualify as  charitable donations?

A.  There are a couple of considerations here:

  • Contributions which benefit the donor are not deductible, unless the benefit received is the lesser of $9.90 (the 2012 amount) or 2% of the total contribution.
  • The IRS will no longer consider cancelled checks as proof of donation. The recipient organization must provide a receipt or letter stating the date made, and amount of the contribution, that no benefit was received, and it must be received contemporaneously.

In my opinion, I would never take a "donation" for RV parking as a charitable contribution. Most of these fraternal organizations are run by volunteers who give generously of their time. Quite often they are overwhelmed, receive no compensation, and burdening them further with requesting contemporaneous records might be stretching their generosity.

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