Monday, March 18, 2013

RV Parsonage Allowance?

Q.  As a retired minister I will be a full time RVer with a parsonage allowance.  Will this apply to campground fees and memberships?

A.  This is an area I haven't dealt with in years, so you may want to find someone who specializes in the ministry. My understanding is that the clergy does not have to report the fair market value of the parsonage they live in. This comes under the housing benefit for the convenience of the employer rule,(so that ministers are available at all times to tend to the flock, so to speak). According to my resources, Reg 1.107-1 stipulates... " it includes the portion of a retired minister's pension designated as a rental allowance by the national governing body of a religious denomination having complete control over the retirement fund."

I'm not certain, but this would tend to make me think the amount for parsonage allowance  received could be used to apply towards your campground fees. Clearly, the law was not written with RVs in mind. Please seek out several opinions on this. Truly, this is nothing more than a WAG!

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