Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Work Camper Travel Between Jobs

Q.  As a work-camper in Florida I will travel 2,300 miles as part of a 4 day trip to my next assignment.   Based on IRS regulations can I deduct my expenses traveling to my new job in Arizona?  The job is with a resort. I will not be paid but and I will be receiving a 1099 after my  6 month employment is completed. Question: are my travel expenses deductible traveling from one work-camping job to the next?

 A.  IRS Pub 521 lists all the details of qualify for deducting your moving expenses. Regrettably, in my opinion, it is going to be tough to qualify given the short duration of your commitment. Additionally, if you are a full time RVer not returning to a permanent dwelling, and your employer did not send you on a temporary assignment, you cannot qualify for the rules of temporary employment.

 When a full time RVer is moving from location to location, you are also moving your tax home from one location to the next.  Currently in order to qualify for deducting your costs of relocating, is to find employment (or self-employment) which will meet either the 39 or 78 week requirement. Sorry I can't offer more encouragement. If you have a permanent home to which you will be returning, and your employer sends you on a temporary assignment, the result would be different. Thank you for writing.

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