Thursday, October 30, 2014

RVs and establishing a Tax Home

Q.  My husband permanently works over 2 hours away from home and currently is driving to and from work every day which means he is on the road for over 4 hours a day and drives over 200 miles a day. He has a start time for his shift but not an end time; if something happens at his place of work he has to stay late making it even more difficult because he hardly gets any sleep.

 We cannot move near where he works for a number of reasons but he cannot take the commute any longer, he is exhausted. So we were wondering if we purchased and RV and parked it near his place of work so that could stay their during the week would the RV parking, RV purchase itself (we are buying it cash), or any of the RV expenses such as maintenance be tax deductible?

I have searched for the answer to this question everywhere and can't seem to find it, so I would really appreciate it if you could shed some light on the subject.
A.     Oftentimes there is just no justice in the world, and your case is one of them. For reasons of both physical & mental health, I see that purchasing an RV to park near your husband's work would be an excellent idea. However, in doing so, you would receive absolutely no tax benefits.  The reason is your husband's place of business is his tax home, which is different from your domicile.

The example I most like to use is that of elected senators & congressmen. They must maintain their residency in the state they represent, yet they need to travel to Washington DC, which becomes their tax home. None of their travel expenses are deductible as that would be their commute, and the cost of maintaining their second homes around the DC area also are non-deductible as this is considered their tax home.

Regrettably your husband is in the exact same predicament. Possibly the cost of a residency style hotel or studio apartment might be cheaper than the investment he would make in a RV. I suggest you check out all the possibilities including a boarding house. Getting sick shouldn't be an option. Good luck & thanks for writing!


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