Monday, February 10, 2014

A Traveling Martial Arts Instructor

Q.  As a Martial Arts Instructor, I have students in several states and also teach workshops and seminars. This March I will become a full time RVer and plan to travel to all these states, as I have before, but rather than traveling by air, I will use the RV.  I plan to spend more time with my students along with attracting new students when I visit each state. Although my mailing address will be in SD, I plan to teach for 2 weeks at a time in several states such as Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, etc. What are the tax issues involved?

A.  You should be able to take advantage of all the travel expenses you had prior to becoming a full time RVer. Your challenge will be keeping your tax home in just one state. As long as you return to your home base, after each visit, this should not be a problem, but it is possible that the IRS could challenge you as to your travel expenses.  I would try to establish a schedule similar to what you had before. Extending your schedule to accommodate new students should not pose a problem.

It sounds like you have created a great niche for yourself. Have fun and good luck!