Saturday, March 1, 2014

Deducting RV Interest

Q.  I was researching for a tax question and came across your blog. My husband and I are full timers in New England, however his legal residence is GA, he's military. We recently filed our return jointly and discussed claiming the RV's interest. We were advised to not claim it if it were under $12,200. Is this accurate and why so? Also is the interest only deductible for the first year or the duration of the loan? This is our first purchase and year living in the RV.

A.  You can claim a deduction for interest on your RV for any amount, although I think the reason you were advised against it is the Standard Deduction for a married couple is $12,200.  That is the amount you can take regardless if you have enough deductions to claim or not.  What I mean is that the total of your medical, charitable contributions, state income taxes, personal property taxes, home mortgage interest, and your miscellaneous deductions would need to exceed the $12,200 before it would be beneficial to you.  I hope they took all the other items into consideration as well. Your interest normally will be deductible for the duration of the loan.

Thanks for writing and enjoy your RV.  Thank your husband for serving our country!