Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Q.  My husband and I began full-time RVing in 2003 and have done a variety of paid work camping through the years. We have never felt that any of our travel expense was deductible. We now own an RV site in Florida where we spend Oct.-April and are legal residents of Florida. After 7 summers working a paid seasonal job in Tennessee, we traveled to Wyoming to take a Memorial Day to Labor Day volunteer position as campground hosts in a state park. This coming summer we will be doing the same in Utah. Are any of our travel expenses deductible?  Thank you.

A.  Unfortunately the cost of getting to your site is considered commuting and therefore is non-deductible. If your volunteer "job" is for a charity formed under IRC 501(c), and you incur travel expenses on behalf of the charity and are non-reimbursed for this, your mileage may be deductible if all criteria is met.

For further information please refer to Pub. 526 page 19. Thanks for writing and enjoy your summer travels.

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